Back in 2012, I was quite active on Flickr. I was a member of many groups and I was uploading new photographs every day. I wouldn’t exactly say that I was good, but I had a few of my photos end up in the daily ‘explore’ section of Flickr.

I finally left Flickr when I realised that it was becoming less about photography and more about keeping in touch with other members. I spent more time reading comments on my photos, replying to comments, commenting on photos of the people that had commented on my pics and generally trying to reciprocate with other members instead of actually taking photographs. However Flickr did initially give me one good thing, and that was the impetus to push myself in my photography.

I wanted to put photos on Fickr that I enjoyed taking and that I enjoyed post-processing in Photoshop. They weren’t for anyone but me really. A few people liked them, but they were too ‘out there’ for most people in the groups that I was a member of – however I didn’t care at all. I miss that feeling of pushing myself to create different kinds of images. Most of the photos I take now I feel are dull and predictable. I beleive that I capture some decent macro photos but I’ve lost my sense of exploration. It needs to be discovered again!


My favourite compositions were photos of power lines, cables, electricity pylons and towers that I took into Photoshop and played around with. I like the angles they make and the shapes they produce. Adding colour, tone, texture and noise can make an image cheery or gloody, vibrant or bleak. It changes the whole feeling of the composition and I like discovering what I can do with a simple capture.

I still like the following pictures to this day, and I may make some more images such as these in the future.

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