Nissan contours

Nissan contours

Here’s an abstract photograph that doesn’t really fit the Pixabay philosophy so I’m putting it here. It’s a macro capture of the NISSAN badge on the back of my very old and very dirty car.

This photo was taken with a Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX Macro lens on my Nikon D300. I will write more about this lens (and this camera) another time, but for now it’s enough to say that this is a very sharp lens! You can see the specks of dirt, dust and grime quite clearly.

Below is a 100% crop of the image and as you can see the paint has aged and suffered through its 20 years of life and the chrome-effect has distressed to a point where it looks a little like the contours on a map.

Perhaps they are contours? Small descriptive lines etched into the surface of the badge created there by every twist and turn taken on the journey of my car’s life. Maybe.

Nissan contours 100% crop

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