I’m paulclee and this is my website. Thanks for popping by!

I have spent the majority of my life in the printing industry as a pre-press reprographic artist, so I was always surrounded by design, type and colour. As the printing industry became more automated I chose to move away from the printed page and on to web design. For the last ten years I created websites for businesses on the Costa Blanca, but in the funny way that life goes, I am now back in the UK in the printing business as a digital printer.

I like art, graphic design, illustration and photography and I enjoy architecture, cinema, music, gaming and technology. I’m pretty much interested in everything and I tend to know a very little about a very lot.

So, why this website? Originally my plan for this website was to document my progress as I tried to learn to draw (something that I haven’t done for a long time) however since working a full time job again I’ve had little time to draw. I’m also studying a range of different subjects in my spare so the only time I have available for anything I can considered ‘free time’ is when I walk the dog so I pick up a camera and see what I can find to photograph.

I’m trying to improve my photography skills so bear with me. I mostly shoot macro and these will generally the images I will put on here. You can also find photos I have taken on my account on the CC0 photo stock site Pixabay.

You’re welcome to join me on my journey. Please bring sandwiches. And beer. Enough for the both of us. Thanks.

paulclee – last updated 2019|07|20